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Membership Activation and Event Booking: our membership will be activated immediately upon payment and will end exactly 6 months after that date, and you will be eligible to use the membership as many times as you want to for any of the events listed on during that time. To book an event simply email us at or call us on 08456 442083.

Availability and Reserve List priority: We may not be able to fit you onto an event if it is listed as 'Sold Out' for your gender on, but if this is the case we will put you on the reserve list and give priority to Fastlove Unlimited members, so that they will be contacted first in the event that places do become available.

Age limits: You are obliged to ensure that any event that you book for is age-appropriate: we reserve the right to refuse you admission to an event if you do not fit into the age category for that event.

By ticking this box you agree to the above terms.

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